Water market reports help

The following sections will guide you in using the reports published on this website.

Minimum technical requirements

In order for the reports to display and function correctly, you will need to check that your browser settings meet the minimum technical requirements, or be aware of the impact if they do not.

Getting started

If you are new to the reports, this section will give you a summary and explanation of the:

  • scope of reports – provides an overview of what reports are currently available on this website
  • general report layout – explains the layout of the reports and their functions, and
  • report terminology – highlights the common terms used in the reports and provides a mapping between the national and State or Territory terms.

Accessing the reports

This section explains how you can get to the reports on this website:

Understanding the reports

This section details the information presented in each individual report:

Frequently asked questions

This section contains a series of frequently asked questions and answers about the reports.

If you cannot find the answer to your query, you may wish to lodge your query electronically through the Contact us page on this website.