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Scope of reports

A key feature of efficient and effective markets is the availability of reliable water market information. This may assist you in making decisions regarding when and where to trade water and in assessing the market value of water.

There are three types of reports published on this website:

  • water access entitlement trades, reported on a monthly basis
  • water allocation trades, reported on a weekly basis, and
  • entitlements on issue at a given point in time, reported on a monthly basis.

The reports are structured to present a high level summary of the information at the national level and then enable you to drill down to the State or Territory details that are of interest to you:

  • national (Australia) summary reports – provide a summary of current and historical water market information in Australia, and
  • State and Territory reports – provide the details of current and historical water market information for each State and Territory.

Each report layout is pre-defined and is presented using the national terminology for general headings. The details in the State and Territory reports are presented using jurisdiction specific terminology. For more information on the terminology used in the reports, see report terminology.

The water market reports on this website are generated by the Bureau of Meteorology , based on data provided by a number of data suppliers. The delivery of the reports is dependent on the timely provision of information provided by the data suppliers. Refer to the Copyright page for full details of the copyright provisions which apply to this website.

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General report layout

Each report comprises a report header, report details and a footer (i.e. report footnotes). An example report is shown below with illustrations of the various sections.

The structure of the report details varies depending on the type of report you have selected:

  • For the national summary reports, information is aggregated by State and Territory.
  • For the State and Territory reports, information is aggregated by:
    • product – grouped by characteristics of the product, such as the entitlement type, water resource type and reliability. The products vary for each State and Territory, as described in the water rights page, and
    • location – grouped logically in a hierarchical format. The locations and number of hierarchy levels reported vary for each State and Territory.

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Report rating

The report rating shows the completeness of a report based on the data which was provided to the Bureau of Meteorology from the data suppliers in each State and Territory for the purpose of compiling these reports. The ratings are derived based on exceptions highlighted in the report footnotes following the analysis of the data supplied. An exception is a gap, inaccuracy or inconsistency in the data. The following report ratings are in use:

Rating Description Exceptions
Excellent Report complete No exceptions in report footnote
Good Majority of data available < 4 exceptions in report footnote and <=10% total data excluded
Average Some data missing < 9 exceptions in report footnote and <=30% total data excluded
Poor Considerable data missing < 15 exceptions in report footnote and <=50% total data excluded
Incomplete Majority of data missing >= 15 exceptions in report footnote or >50% total data excluded or status cannot be determined

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Report terminology

In order to provide consistency across all States and Territories, nationally equivalent trading terminology is generally used in these reports. The information presented in the State and Territory report details, however, is jurisdiction specific.

For more information see the Trading terminology table.

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