Water programs

There are a number of water related information and funding programs and projects being undertaken by the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (DSEWPaC), and by other Australian Government agencies. Below are links to a number of current national programs. States and territories also have a number of water programs and projects in operation. More information is available by contacting the relevant organisation in your jurisdiction.

Australian Government water programs
Organisation Program Description
Department of the Environment Department of the Environment water policy and programs  Overview of all Department of the Environment water programs and policy initiatives
Department of the Environment Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program  Increases water use efficiency in rural Australia
Department of the Environment Restoring the balance in the Murray-Darling Basin  Purchases water entitlements on behalf of the Australian Government
Department of the Environment Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO)  Manages water entitlements held by the Australian Government
Murray-Darling Basin Authority Murray-Darling Basin specific programs  Various programs aimed to achieve sustainable management of all water resources across the Murray-Darling Basin
Bureau of Meteorology National Water Account  An annual publication that will deliver comprehensive water information across Australia
National Water Commission Raising National Water Standards Program  Offers support for projects that are improving Australia's national capacity to measure, monitor and manage our water resources
National Water Commission National Groundwater Action Plan  Various projects aimed to improve our knowledge and understanding of groundwater

Working in conjunction with the Australian Government water programs listed above, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has a significant water reform agenda. For more information, see Council of Australian Governments water reform .