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Water allocations

Water allocations provide water access entitlement holders with the volumetric amount of water that can be used or traded in each water year depending on seasonal conditions and particular regulations.

New South Wales



  • Allocation announcements  for supplemented (regulated) entitlements are provided by SunWater 
  • Announcements for take for unsupplemented (unregulated) entitlements are usually made by the Department of Environment and Resource Management.

South Australia

  • Allocation announcements for the River Murray are published on the WaterConnect website . Announcements are also published in the SA Government Gazette .
  • There are currently no allocation announcements for the remainder of the state's prescribed water resources.

Western Australia


Northern Territory

  • Allocation announcements are currently made annually under the rules of the Katherine Tindal Water Allocation Plan.

Australian Capital Territory

  • No water allocations.