Strengthening Australia's water market by increasing the transparency of market information.

The Australian water market involves the buying and selling of water. It is made up of several water markets, differentiated by water system or administrative boundaries. Water trading enables increasingly scarce water resources to be allocated according to the highest valued use.

The objectives of the Water Market Information website are to:

  • provide links to contextual information about Australia’s water markets, and
  • make water market information collected by the Bureau of Meteorology (Bureau) under the Water Act 2007 available.

This helps provides a national picture on water rights and trading activity, presented in a consistent manner.

This website provides general information about:

  • what makes up the Australian water market
  • water market reports, for example trade volume and price data
  • water trading rules and processes
  • water management
  • water allocation announcements
  • State and Territory water registers.

In Australia, the legislative and administrative aspects of water rights and water trading are the responsibility of State and Territory jurisdictions. The material provided on this website is for general information only. Please refer to the relevant State or Territory agency for more definitive information on water trading in each jurisdiction.

The Water Market Information website was initially developed as a component of a project called the National Water Market System (NWMS) led by the Department of the Environment. The NWMS project was discontinued in 2014. The Bureau will continue to make the information on this website available as a useful public resource.

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