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National Water Market

Strengthening Australia's water market by increasing the transparency of market information.

The Australian water market is the buying and selling of water. It is made up of several water markets, differentiated by water system or administrative boundaries. Water trading ensures that increasingly scarce water resources are allocated according to the highest valued use.

The objective of the National Water Market website is to provide a national view of information necessary to support water markets in Australia.
This website provides information about:

  • what makes up the Australian water market
  • water market reports, e.g. trade volume and price data
  • water trading rules and processes
  • water management
  • water allocation announcements
  • government support and water programs
  • state and territory water registers

The National Water Market website is part of the National Water Market System (NWMS) project, an Australian Government initiative announced on 9 November 2009. Through the NWMS project the Australian Government is working with the state and territory governments to improve the efficiency of state and territory water registers, transactions and market information functions.

Water allocations

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Water programs

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